Conditions of sale

Even the most beautiful colors and batiks can look a bit different on different units, computers and smartphones. Therefor we can not guarantee that the colors is exactly as shown on your unit. Slight differenses can occur.

Our batik fabrics are the real handprinted stuff that is colored all thru the fabric. This is why they normally  look  almost exactly the same on both sides. (perfekt for curtains).  This is the famous indonesian original method of coloring batik using vax prints.  During the prosess its quite al lot of manual handling of the fabrics. 

The fabrics undergoes a serie of coloring and handprinting and different rinsing procedures before they are left to dry in the balinese sun.

It can be thraces of the vax on the batik. This proof that the batik is the real batik. The vax is easy to brush away and it also go away in the laundry. The batik is manually rollled up on bolts and may sometime need some ironing.  This is normal because  all steps in the prosess are manual work.

The last step in the coloring prosess is to rinse them in almost boiling water. This make them almost completely "not shrimp".

Return of fabrics sold by lenght  is not allowed. Se Point 5 below.

Buying conditions and GDPR.

1. About us.

Dream on Sweden AB is located in Ängshögevägen 9,  668 32 Dals Ed, Sweden.

Feel free to send us a mail on [email protected] and tell us your matter and your e-mail.

2. Ordering from us.

After finishing your order we send you the order confirmation to your e-mail. Here you find all facts regarding products, price, billing and delivery adress.

If you discover something wrong you must immediately contact us on our mail.

3. Delivery.

In Scandinavia and Finland our delivery times is normally 1-3 days.  In other countries maybe maybe a day or so more. 

Please send us a mail if your order takes to long.

If we get your order on  weekends or public holidays we normally ship your parcel the frist nextcoming weekday.

4. Prices

This webshops first language is Swedish. Thats the reason prices in the checkout is in both SEK and EURO.   You can see clearly the total cost in EURO but the transaction itself when you pay is in SEK.  Dont worry the sum that you pay is correct.  PayPal and Stipe are well knovn for security. We also have the SSL security installed. 

 This is also the reason some text may still be in Swedish. ( we are working on that).

We also reserv the right to change the prices if our suppliers change the price or if some misprint or wrong information force us to do that.

5. Withdrawal.

You have a statuory 14 day right to regret your order. (from the day you recieve it). 

Returns of fabrics sold by meter and that is cut to lenght on customers order is not alloved if the return is because repent.  

We remind you that the colors of fabric not always look exaktly the same on all smartphones or computer screens. Small differenses can occur and is not a valid reason for repent.

If the return is because something is wrong with the gods, we pay the cost of return and send new gods or return accordingly  amont of money for the actual product.

If  a byer send back gods because of repent the byer also pay the cost for the return freght.

5.5.Using your right to withdraval 

You must at send a mail to [email protected] telling us you regret your buying. Attach clearly your name, adress, e-mail and order nr and which items it is about.. 

You must immediately and before the 14 days have ended, return the goods to us.