About us

Dream on Sweden AB  (Annas Bali Batik) is started by Anna von Krogh and Mats Bystrom. We have been a couple since 2001 and live in a villa in Dals Ed in western Sweden near the norwegian border.

Sewing, mostly quilting have been Annas big hobby for years. Thanks to our many trips to Bali and Indonesia vi have made up some really good contacts with exclusive rights at small batik factories in Bali as well as Java.

We import the wonderful batik fabric directly and thats how we can sell at so low prices.  Normally the batik fabrics is imported via american companys who give the batik a brandname an a lot higher price.

We aslo sell sewing haberdasheries and things like batting and we have invested in a longarm sewing machine.   We quilt your quilt, if you like.