Oliso TG 1100. Smart iron.

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Oliso TG 1100 the smart Iron.

Oliso is not only a good steamiron with 2000 watt effekt, automatic safety stop och a 3,7 meter long quallity Cable.

Most of all this is the famous iron that lift itself up when you stop ironing and sink down when you start ironing. Just lay your hand on it and it sink down and you start ironing. When finsh, just lift your hand and the iron goes up. 

When not in use it stay steady on the 3 feets that comes out underneat the hot iron and lift it up a bit. 

This make the iron ergonomically good for those with pain in hands or arms or shoulders because you do not have to turn the iron before you put it back.  This also make ironing faster.

Plus freight 16 euros.